What You Can Learn from Google I/O in 2019

What You Can Learn from Google I/O in 2019

An annual developer conference that is held by Google in the mountain view of California is known as Google I/O. I/O stands for input and output. The format of Google I/O is just like the format of Google Developer Day. First of all, this conference was inaugurated in 2008 and in this conference; they have discussed some essential issues like Android mobile phones, app engines and Web Toolkit etc. In Google, I/O conference of 2018, Android Pie, Material Design 2.0 and Android Wear 3.0 were major topics of discussion. In the latest conference of Google I/O 2019, major topics of discussion are Android Q Beta 3, Flutter on Web, Google Lens, Google Firebase and Live Captioning etc. Some essential things that you can learn from Google I/O conference of 2019 are given below;

  • App Actions And Built-In Interests For Google Assistant

In Google I/O 2019 conference, Google has announced lots of ways for the developers to leverage Google assistant. According to the dissertation writing services firm, first of all, we can easily learn how to markup. By learning this fact, it is possible for us to create a deeper interactive experience not only in the field of search but also in the field of an assistant. Technical persons are already well-aware of this fact but the people who are not technical should learn that they can easily add markup by uploading a simple spreadsheet. In order to provide complete detail about assistant sessions, they have uploaded a playlist on Youtube.

  • In Product Accessibility

googleFrom the product accessibility point of view, some essential announcements were also made. First of all, they have launched a program under the name of Project Euphonia. With the help of this program, Google is going to facilitate its users with the help of speech impairment. Another project is known as Live Caption. With the help of this project, one will be able to translate speech into text or video format. For this reason, you can also watch a video in which they are explaining how one can convert text into speech with the help of Google Lens. Google has also decided to encourage Android developers with the help of Accessibility Scanners. With the help of Accessibility Scanners, it will be easy for Android Developers to improve in-app accessibility.

  • In-App Updates

In Google I/O 2019 conference, some interesting things were also announced for Android users and developers. For this reason, a new in-update policy is announced. With the help of this policy, when your mobile will be connected with Play Core Library, it will remind the users to update versions of apps. There are two ways to implement in-app updates. First of all, is known as flexible. It means that when there comes a new update of an app, you can either use the older version or you can update the version of your app. Second is known as immediate. This update is relevant to security risk o an app. If there comes this kind of update, it is necessary for you to update the version of your app in order to save your android mobile from some major issues.