How to Structure 7000 Words Dissertation for Undergraduate Level

How to Structure 7000 Words Dissertation for Undergraduate Level

A thesis is a lengthy piece of writing and is divided into multiple components such as introduction, analysis of literature, research methods, findings, discussions and conclusion. Within such components the arrangement of the dissertation material is known as the structure of the dissertation. The word counts of these chapters of the dissertation are therefore different, due to the disparity in the lengths of the dissertations. Here are some guidelines given by a dissertation help company write a 7000 words dissertation effectively.

  • Introduction:

The introduction constitutes the first major chapter of the study. Within the introductory chapter of your dissertation, you need to tell the readers what you wrote in the remainder of your dissertation. That’s why you have to set up the dissertation framework when writing the introductory portion of your dissertation and explain the purpose of writing the dissertation. The cumulative length of the dissertation’s introductory section is 10%. If we are writing a dissertation with 7000 characters, the duration of the dissertation’s introductory section should be only 700 pages.

  • Literature Review:

The students need to take a detailed overview of all the literature that is already published related to your idea of the subject before starting the dissertation study. For this purpose, the students need to collect lots of resources related to their understanding of the subject and they need to evaluate these resources after collecting those resources. The proportion of the dissertation’s literature review chapter is 30%. The literature review chapter of the paper, in the 7000-word paper, will consist of 2100 pages.

  • Methodology:

You have to collect massive quantities of data to compose the paper. There are two potential methodologies for gathering the data for your thesis. First is known as the methodology for qualitative study and second is known as a methodology for quantitative research. When writing the dissertation, the students need to provide a full description of the research methods they have adopted to collect the data for their dissertation.

  • Findings / Results:

The main objective of writing a thesis is to obtain some results or findings related to your understanding of the subject. Within this section, the students will write the dissertation research results and conclusions and the complete explanation of how they have obtained these conclusions and results. The percentage of a dissertation’s conclusions or outcomes is just 5 percent. It means the results or findings portion of the dissertation will consist of only 350 words in 7000 words of dissertation.

  • Review:

A review is also known as the principal chapter of your thesis. The students need to examine the significance and consequences of their work in the discussion chapter of the dissertation. These research definitions and consequences are explored by presenting a link to the research questions. The students will need to clarify the weaknesses of the study when writing the chapter on the topic. The chapter review rate is 30 percent. It means the discussion chapter of a dissertation will consist of 2100 words in a 7000-word dissertation.

  • Conclusion:

The conclusion is regarded as the last chapter of the dissertation. It is often considered to be the principal chapter of the thesis. The explanation is that all the key points of the dissertation need to be outlined by the students in the concluding chapter of the dissertation. When discussing these key points of the dissertation, the students should bear in mind that they cannot attach any point related to his idea of the subject that he has not clarified in the dissertation’s main body. The proportion of the final section of the study is 10%. This means the dissertation’s concluding section will consist of 700 characters.

  • To Summarize:

This is one of the most essential aspects of a thesis that should be published by following the structure and style of the career. The students can easily structure the dissertation with 7000 words. The introductory section of the thesis should be no more than 700 characters. The dissertation’s chapter on the literature review will consist of 2100 words. In the Research Methodology chapter you can write 1050 words. The dissertation’s results and conclusions are to be explained in 350 words. The discussion chapter of the thesis should have 2100 characters, and the closing chapter of the thesis should consist of 700 characters. After following all the above mentioned steps, what you need to do is the overall assessment of your written paper, to make it free of any kind of mistake or error.