5 Ways to Write a Serial Fiction Story

5 Ways to Write a Serial Fiction Story

A serial fiction story is an elongated narrative. The serial fiction story has consisted of episodic parts. Serial fictions story is quite similar to the novel yet its written method is too much different. You need to divide fiction story into episodic plots that create climax at the mid of the story. At the end of the part, the writer engages a climax that entices readers to read the next episodes. Writing a serial fiction story is an opportunity for the students to show their imagination as well as abilities. If you are assigned to write a fiction story, you can follow five ways that are given below by an essay writing service UK:

  • Write A Character List

Writing a serial fiction story requires a brief character list. In the start of your fiction story, you should list out all the characters that are going to discuss. Conducting a character list in this manner that is given below: Oedipus: Oedipus is the king of Thebes. The whole novel revolves around the character of the Oedipus, because, he is the protagonist of the novel. Role of fate has changed the fortune of the Oedipus. He was informed that he will kill his father and marry his mother but he denies but at last he meets with his fortune.

Jocasta: Jocasta is the heroine of the novel and she is the Mother of the Oedipus. At the end of the novel, he stabs his Golden porches into his eyes and dies.

Apollo: The word of the Apollo also plays an important role in fiction. According to the Apollo, “A senseless, meanness and bad person who has his eyes now but will be blind soon” By following the above example, you should make a character list of all the character and follow some essentials acts that these characters will play in the novel.

  • Organize Plot Of The Serial Fiction Story

Plot means some parts of the novel that are inter-linked and organized. It is a series of events that will grab the attention of the reader. A successful and good fiction story requires an organized plot. Follow the statement of the Plato about Plot who has said that” there can be a story without character but not without a plot”.  Another place he has said that” Plot is the body and soul of the serial fiction story. If you are going to write a long story you should divide it into subplots. Make sure that all the parts of the novel are inter-linked and inter-mingled. Don’t write too much long plot that the reader doesn’t understand it properly.

  • Use Descriptive Writing In Your Serial Fiction Story

Told by an academic report writing service, if you want to write a fictional story very clearly and draw the realistic approach of writing then you should use descriptive writing in your story. Descriptive writing helps your readers to envision the heroes and understanding it deeply. Along with that, it provides enough information to the reader and sparks form the real imagination. By reading a piece of writing that is written in descriptive writing, the reader will not feel loads of excessive details.

  • Introduce Perfect Prologue And Epilogue Of The Serial Fiction Story

Prologue and epilogue are the two essential part of the novel that should be written very carefully. Make sure that you have aroused the feeling of pity and fear in the prologue of the novel. With the passage of time, the complete purgation of the catharsis is also very essential. Make sure that you have introduced an intermediate sort of person in your story and reader can curious to read the next part of your novel. If you will not make the purgation of the catharsis then your story will not be famous.

  • Work On Your Serial Fiction Story Setting

The setting is most essential in the serial novel; therefore, you should conduct a proper plan for setting your whole novel. It does not mean how many parts you are going to conduct your novel; however, it is compulsory that you are not hanging to your audience. Forgiving a perfect setting to your serial novel, you can utilize some sources that inspire and help you in your writing process. Basically, novels are divided into many genres, so keep in mind that you are going to address a fiction story. Make a target to your audience attention and providing them with an interesting story. Ensure that you have developed a captive and expensive setting in your novel. Conduct strong planning in the whole process of writing by hiring a cheap essay writing service.

All the above-mentioned ways can be most beneficial and constructive in writing a serial fiction story. But persistence and diligence is the key to success that you should adopt in your writing process. Stick to your goals with passion and don’t give up before completing.